The Roots by Frida Kahlo - Top of Mexican Artists

Mexican artists are known for their talent and unique take on expressing their creative genius. Among the most prominent names in the world of Mexican art is Frida Kahlo. She was the wife of the famous and controversial painter, Diego Rivera and it was said that Frida was a huge admirer of his work. Born in July 6, 1907, Frida Kahlo is an internationally acclaimed painter and is famous for her self-portraits. 

According to various sources, her favorite subject is herself. 55 out of her 143 paintings are of herself---depicting her sexuality and the pain she was enduring. Among her most important works is The Roots.

When she was 19, Frida experienced an accident with a trolley car and has gone through 35 operations. The pain and trauma of this experience hugely made an impact on her work. Frida’s attachment with self-portraits was a means to translate her pain to something artistic and realistic. She was painting her own reality. See more of her Mexican paintings at MLA Online Art Gallery.

It was in 1943 when The Roots was made. It is often described as one of Frida Kahlo’s most captivating and identifying works. This was made to commemorate her reunion with Diego Rivera. It was after a period of pain and suffering. The Roots even with its happy and hopeful tone, also expressed Frida’s thoughts on her physical limitations. 

Because of the painful accident, Frida was no longer able to bear a child and this fact caused her to feel unimaginable emptiness and pain that can often be seen in her art. The Roots set an incredible auction price of $5, 616,000, the highest price ever credited to a Mexican artist. This is a proof of Frida Kahlo’s talent and her capability to touch the heart of her chosen audience. Despite being a loner and a lover of solitude, Frida Kahlo was known for her inner strength and her ability to transfer her emotions on her paintings. If you are looking for Mexican art for sale online, please make sure you visit our art gallery at

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